BNT Alliance is a private limited company. It has been initially conceived as a management company to promote an international expertise in marketing services on the rapidly growing markets of the former Soviet republics through its local subsidiaries.

Russia has become the natural choice for the first affiliate. In less than 5 years the global approach combined with the knowledge of the local market helped to build up one of the leading marketing services agencies. Throughout those years BNT Alliance has grown into the expert in the field execution of the promotional activities. It developed the skills to recruit and manage the work of hundreds of people to carry out successfully the promotional projects across the country.

Such knowledge brought the company the necessary abilities to open a new market and start servicing the major retailers in Russia. In the 2000s they were trying to keep up with the rapidly growing consumer market and were investing millions of dollars in new supermarkets. The merchants have soon realized that they fail to meet all their expectations in finding enough labor force for their newly opened premises. They turned to the local marketing services agencies with the vast experience in managing temporary staff to forge the fruitful cooperation.

Initially, the retailers started with leasing labor force (e.g., cash register operators, loaders, sales persons). Gradually, it has become clear that a simple lease is not enough. Someone must supervise the temporary staff on spot. Naturally, the chains management decided to outsource the minor segments of their business process and preferred to concentrate on more important issues of their corporate development. Such division of labor gave birth to the phenomenon of retail outsourcing.

The new concept of business relationship has fully matured by 2009. Currently, retail outsourcing is practiced by all major Russian retailers. It accounts for more than 25% of their total business operations. Even the abolition of the contingent labor (2016) failed to impact these services significantly. It only put a ban on specific segments (primarily, cash desk processing) but left other parts almost intact.

Nevertheless, the slowdown of the Russian economy led to the negative consequences to retail, warehouse and restaurant businesses. The growth of the previous decade changed to the drastic fall in sales. The volume of orders to retail outsources has dropped dramatically making them search for new markets and opportunities. It might turn out that the outsourcing practice born in Russia may take root on foreign soils. Matching such challenge would be a great thing to do!


Launched as an independent project to commercialize the international expertise in marketing services in the former Soviet Union states.


Ex-Euro RSCG Russia marketing services team joined the project. A 100% owned subsidiary set in Russia.


The revenue from retail outsourcing activities exceeded the corporate sales of marketing services.


A joint venture with the Ukrainian retailer Fozzy Group launched in Kiev.


Due to the turbulent economy BNT Alliance sold its Ukrainian subsidiary to the local partner and left the Ukrainian market.


The Russian regional recruitment network launched to more effectively manage national human resources.


Broadening on-line recruiting activities in Byelorussia, Kirgizia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.


To profit from the dramatic ruble depreciation the strategic focus in new business development shifted to the European markets.