Key Competencies: 

Marketing services cover a wide spectrum of promotional techniques and mechanics, held both in-store and on-line, intended to stimulate an immediate consumer response right at the point of sales. Such activities include inter alia sales promotions (e.g., sampling, tasting, giving away), merchandizing, loyalty programs, contests, all kinds of coupon and on-pack promotions.
Subsidiaries on local markets provide a full creative, consulting and managerial support for marketing services activities, starting with the strategic planning through the field execution to the customer satisfaction evaluation.

Retail outsourcing is a form of business process outsourcing practiced in retail, logistic and restaurant business. It involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of transportation, cooking, customer servicing or settlement of accounts business processes to a third-party service provider. Such provider bears the ultimate responsibility for the proper execution of the designated functions at stores, warehouses or catering facilities. The service supplier carries out the internal (back office) and front office duties including recruiting, training and legalizing human resources, tracking their job conduct, reporting and solving the problems, performing daily production tasks. Retail outsourcing is typically contracted for operational segments requiring large amounts of unskilled work force in such spheres as shipment, cash desk processing, counter servicing, bread baking, meat and fish cutting, cleaning, dish washing, packing, boxing or bundling.

Brand Portfolio : 

BNT Alliance manages a portfolio of brands that it leases to its subsidiaries in the areas of core competencies and offers to potential partners in other business spheres.